"Limping Home"

"Down in the Ditch"


   In wake of 2019's rendition of "Steam In The Valley" coming up at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, world-famous Nickel Plate Road 765 needed to get from her home base in Fort Wayne to Cleveland, which is the main interchange with the scenic railroad. After a friend and I heard about the move, we acted fast, and we soon met and sped west to intercept 765 on its trip eastward.

   In order to grab as many shots as possible, we both skipped class (sorry, mom) and we found that the engine had been sitting outside of Lotty, Ohio for some time. Excited that we now had more time, we slowed down our pace and started to relax. Of course, as soon as we did so, my friend's phone got a notification from Twitter. Apparently, the hub liner on 765's trailing truck had been running excessively hot, and that it was a matter that needed to be addressed. It's not something that can be fixed on the road, so they decided to reverse all the way back to Fort Wayne. Needless to say, a lot of swearing ensued.

   Despite our major setback, we followed the limping Lima product back home, and then tried to kill some time, thinking that they'd just run again that evening. But then again, fate wasn't on our side today. We receive another tweet, which stated that they'ed try again at a later date. 

   Now even more bummed, we decided to make the trip salvageable by shooting a Norfolk Southern local freight train, which services several factories around town.

   Once we officially left Fort Wayne, we eventually crossed paths with the Napoleon, Defiance, and Western railroad, which is famous for having perhaps the WORST railroad track in the United States. Despite some light maintenance, the right-of-way sits on an old swamp, so the roadbed always sinks and shifts. As a result, the train runs at barely a walking pace. 

   Now that I sit in my dorm room and type this, I don't really know if it was worth skipping class, but I can confirm that I had a blast today. I hope to check out 765 in a spot or two on the REAL ferry move, but that's it. I do however enjoy the shots I grabbed, and now I have a crazy story to tell, too.