"Eastbound to Columbus"

"To Altoona"

   A few days after returning from my big two-week adventure to the western part of the country, I found myself in a lull. Buying stuff for college was just a bit too far away, and I was done with livestock, and the grass was so dry that it wasn't even growing. So when one of my local railfan friends gave me the heads up about Norfolk Southern's executive train coming my way, I was out the door in a hurry. 

   I've never seen the OCS (Office Car Special) before, and on top of that, the consist is almost always pulled by some gorgeous F9 diesel locomotives, which date back to the early 1950s. Since I was more of a fan of the earlier era of railroading, I was already a fan of the appearance of the train. It's not often the OCS comes down this way, so I headed to London, Ohio to catch it. 

   Being a frequenter of this location since I was young, I have some pretty serious nostalgia here, and being able to be squatting in some weeds while having the prettiest train on the railroad in my viewfinder is just one other thing I can cross off my bucket list.