Philadelphia 2019 - Monnin Photography

"Making Noise"

"Running Home"

   A week before I needed to start preparing to move in to college, I had to do one last train trip while I was still a free man. Going back all the way to my Altoona trip and knowing how much fun it was, I got in touch with the boys, and we planned (In May, of course) to pay a visit to my good frind, Max's house. While there he would take me and my other friend, Jonah, around to all of the railroad (and some non-train) attractions in the area, such as the Reading & Northern, Allentown & Auburn, the Northeast Corridor, and the Strasburg Rail Road. Max also had a very nice O gauge trail layout and an exquisite collection to match.  We would often spend nights swimming or running trains on his layout at a very high volume. 

   Highlights include getting a mini photo shoot all to ourselves at the Allentown & Auburn (engineer saw we were taking photos and they were going to shut down for the day, so he backed up the engine into good light until we were done), me not understanding GPS directions, getting three dollar polo shirts, eating the best dinner of my life at Chima, and acting incredibly stupid and taking even stupider photos. Perhaps the coolest thing was seeing Strasburg 90 giving Cherry Hill everything she had as the engineer went full throttle for the small group of workers and photographers who had gathered to watch. The engineer really wanted to get home! We also watched the crew dump 90's fire before putting her away for the night. The public had left, so the crew was relaxed and easy to talk to, and I was able to get creative and shoot freely, just like I was at the Cumbres & Toltec.

   Even though I have been to Pennsylvania plenty of times lately, it never gets old. I can't go long without visiting good friends, so I'm sure ill be taking the state by storm come October!